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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Should I Stay or...

Eye candy: Veronica's Ballet Class (That's me standing in front of the class)

Boring stuff:
As of now, our acceptance of the ITC (Inter-compnay transfer) is tentative. Everyone says I'm going, including myself, but I haven't heard what it will mean in terms of salary, living expenses, housing, etc.

I have a list of questions for the poor HR person who will review the terms and cinditions with me. Cost of living? Housing? Cars? Schools? Returns home?

And then there's the dog. We've got 4 or 5 people who've said 'yeah, we'll take her', but we're still unsure if they all mean it. It's such a big burden that it's hard to tell if the people are just being kind, or if they really intend to take her. Poor little pooch.

One thing we thought of is that we might be able to go to Australia while we're there. Kathleen has a friend from her life in the tourism industry who has relocated there. It would be nice to visit him, and also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the country.

Guam. I also want to go to Guam. Just because I like the name. And it's close to Japan, somehwhat... I think.

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