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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ready,... Set,... WAIT!

This is Zane with his present from his cousins. It's a treasure set. He played and played and dug and dug for hours when he got it. Went to bed, and was right back at it in the morning. Great Job Breckows!

So I'm in Detroit. It's Sunday and I got here only 6 hours ago! My flight to Nagoya is delayed from a 2:30 departure to a 7:15pm departure!

After sitting on the tarmac for 6 hours, I'm sure my luggage got stir crazy and hopped on a flight to Amsterdam.

I never thought I'd say this, but the delay is OK, I got a really good nap, taken during Japanese nighttime, and now I'm awake on Japanese morning time. We'll see how this works out. Probably won't. There's no way to avoid jetlag. I'm just getting a jump on it.

I go for my health check first thing tomorrow. Every person joining a Japanese company is required to get checked out. I love the note that was in our information on it: 'We're very sorry, but your privacy can not be guaranteed during the physical'. Which to me means they're lining up 30 to 40 foreigners assembly-line style in our drawers, and checking all of us with the same rubber glove. Hey, it's more efficient! What are the Japanese if not efficient!

More later.

I'd go down and take a nice picture of myself in front of the cool fountain in DTW airport, but ther's no time! Can you imagine. 5 hour delay and I'm out of time!

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