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Friday, November 03, 2006

(Way too many pictures from) Kamikochi

Greetings from Japan, where autumn leaf viewing is a big thing. Not as big as cherry blossom vieweing, but still pretty big.

We tried to get in on the action as well. We broke a cardinal rule of limited-stay traveling: we went back to somewhere. We went back to Nagano prefecture to stay at the same inn we stayed at this past summer. Our hope was to catch some fall color. And anyway there are two national parks adjacent to each other in this area. Last time we visited one (Norikura) this time it was the other (Kamikochi).

We were a little early for leaf peeping, but the weather was great and the scenery was wonderful too. And the main reason we went back to the same inn (the friendliness and fine cooking) were in full force. Just a quick weekend, but time enough to take way too many pictures and to overuse my wide angle lens. A selection of them are here for your viewing pleasure, or just for you to ignore.

As they say in Japan: Dozo, bozo!

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