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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Return, revised edition

So here's our story. We landed on April 9th, and no, you haven't herad from me since.

I have taken a new role with my company. However my goal is still the same (total world domination).

This new role, (which could be called a promotion, except for the paycut...) means that we have to move.

We had been living in Lexington KY, but now I have to change locations, to Erlanger, KY. It's a move from Central KY to Northern KY. To most of you, this means almost nothing. From Central BFE to Northern BFE? Well, BFD.

It might seem strange, but within Kentucky, there is an identity problem. It doesn't know if it's a Southern state or a Midwestern state, or mid-Atlantic?

(The rest of the world has a problem with Kentucky also. Once you make fun of them for marrying cousins, what's left? New Kentucky Tourism slogan: "Kentucky. Inbreeding is just the Start.")

So Central Kentucky is horse country. Bluegrass country. Northern KY is a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio. Many of you might know that the Cincinnati airport is actually in Kentucky. Don't get me started on Eastern Kentucky vs Western Kentucky.

Consider the states that Kentucky borders. There are seven. One shy of the record (held by Tennessee. Showoffs!) Kentucky has True South states as neighbors: Tennessee and Virginia. Then it has midwestern neighbors: Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio. Then it has (what every state has) a neighbor to make fun of: West Virginia.

Everyplace in the world has a neighboring location that can be derided for the residents' penchant for barnyard romance. For the French, it's the Belgium. For Tennesseans, it's Kentucky. For Kentuckians, it's West Virginia. For Californians, it's any state that doesn't touch an ocean, plus any southern state that does.

Enough chit chat. Here's some photos.

The kids on their second first day of school. The last 4 school years, we have started school in one place, then moved in the spring, thereby giving them two first days of school. So far, there has been little rebellion. They have the resilliance for sure. And now school is out. So this picture is old before you see it.

After we got here, we stayed in a hotel for almost 2 months, while looking for a house in Northern Kentucky. And now we have one. I will share exterior photos only for now, since the interior is :
(a) not our decorating tastes. (Example: Pink toilets. Two of them. You heard me. )
(b) strewn with full boxes, empty boxes, and the junk that used to be in the boxes but doesn't yet have a home.

(Street view.)

My favorite thing about the house?


That's the number of mature shade trees in the back yard. At least that's how many I counted. It's hard to count them when they're all moving around like crazy. (Above is the view down from our deck.)

And there's ivy and stone as well. See for yourself. Come and see up close if you want. All are welcome! Anytime! (Below is the view up from the back yard.)

New address

1686 Brierwood Ct
Florence KY 41042

Phone - not yet established. Maybe by next time I post.

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sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Ya know, if Idaho was closer to KY, then we might just drop by. But for now, thanks for the pix - GORGEOUS! Enjoy the new place, pink potties and all.