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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Catholic Cincinnati

This area has a large catholic tradition.

Evidence? It is the birthplace of the Filet O' Fish. That holy sacramental.

Area Catholics grew weary of not being able to enjoy McDonald's along with their friends on Friday night. Or more likely McDonalds franchisees grew weary of seeing their sales drop on Friday. Either way, here it is.

More evidence? Our kids go to Catholic schools. The local school district bus system also serves all the Catholic schools in the area. Our kids don't take the bus, but they certainly could. It sorta makes sense, in that parents pay for the transportation same as everyone else, right?

More evidence? There was a newspaper story here about how the bishop in Columbus Ohio (2 hour's drive away) had recommended against celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year, as it falls within Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter).

St. Patrick's always fall during lent, as a sign that God likes to play jokes on the Irish, or at least the Irish Americans.

But this year, due to an early Easter, maybe the earliest in 70 years, St. Patty's is the Monday of Holy week.

The newspaper story here said that "There's no word yet from the Bishop of Cincinnati yet."
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this story was on A1. Front page. Above the fold.


Great quote from today.

I had the occasion to use the line :"I'm not as dumb as I look."

Veronica said,"Daddy, you used to be a teacher, so I know you're not as dumb as you look."

Hmm. Thanks, I guess.

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