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Friday, November 04, 2005

Some news is bad news

Photo: Zane's first black eye. You should see what the other kid looks like. Purely accidental playground collision. But there might be fisticuffs once kids make fun of Zane for being in the ballet. So far, so good.

So guess what. I learned some details of what it will all mean. I'll summarize the 30 minute conversation: The only reliable information I have is bad news. The rest is unclear.

One trip home is all we'll get for the year. I was earlier told we'd get two. Now it's one for the year. One trip home. I understand that to fly a family of 4 home is expensive. $15-20K. That's a whole lot of squid.

For the rest of the questions, nobody can answer. For example: Will the car allowance be enough for 2 cars? Will the housing allowance be enough to live where we want (nearby to the international school and close to the expressway to work)? How are Doctors, Prescriptions, Vacations, Holiday calendar, Taxes, School costs for the kids... the list goes on and on.

I think in the long run, it will all work out to our satisfaction. Or to some mix of satisfaction and dissappointment. But that's OK. If it wasn't for disappointments, I wouldn't have any appointments.

Ken and Marsha were just here last week. We had a fine time, but I wish I could have had more time off to enjoy their company. They visited historical items in and around town. The Mary Todd Lincoln house. Henry Clay's estate. The Hunt-Morgan house. I think they enjoyed themselves. It was great for the kids to see them again.

Speaking of which, did I mention only getting one trip home?

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