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Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby...

Zane in the Bluegrass Youth Ballet production of "The Nutcracker in One Act".

So my employer has come through with the goods about what it will mean for me. In short, it's no get rich quick scheme, but I have no complaints. "It ain't no trick to get rich quick. You just dig dig dig with a shovel and a pick." - Heigh Ho.

It would be better if they would tell you up front: "Go here for this long and do this, and this is how we'll take care of you."

Instead, it's more like:"Go here, and do this for this long. Yes or no. Will you go? Have you decided? How about now? Accept and we'll tell you what it means for you. Hmmm? Can you agree? How about now? Hurry up and decide so we can draw up your paperwork."

Not that there's ever any doubt, but it's clear they hold all the cards. Oh well, that's life for those of us addicted to paychecks. I've told Kathleen that we'll take turns breadwinning / homeparenting. We can go in 5 year intervals. She could restaurant manage, or sell her artwork (I really think she could if she was forced to overcome her natural humility about her talent.) She's turned me down so far. Maybe if I keep draggin her off to foreign places away from all she holds dear, she'll decide to take the reigns. ... Doubt it.

Here's a funny thought (and only that... no hidden meanings here): What if we were discovered to be pregnant right now. No, we're definitely not, but the thought crossed our minds. So would we still go to Japan and have a kid there? You know, I don't think they believe in epidurals over there. And I have no idea what the C-Section skill is over there. I do know that a lot of the Japanese whom I work with have kids when over here. I think women's medical issues are handled in a more modern way in the US than in Japan. I only say that because Japanese society treats women much like they were treated in the 50s in the states. I fear there would be an attitude of "Yes this hurts..., it's supposed to hurt." Anyway, God willing we won't find ourselves at the mercy of Japanese medicine at all. Prenatal, partum, ... nothin. That's my hope.

On a Japan trip about 7 years ago, one of my companions had horrible bronchitis. They went to the Japanese doctor who told him through a translator the he was homesick. Nice. Our joke is that the Japanese cure for everything is "two pills and a powder".

I need to stop tempting the fates. If I make fun of Japanese society or medical skills too much, Old Man Karma is going to make me pay. With interest in the form of dramatic irony.

Got a new camera. The Elton John up there is next year's Christmas card.

I've been in Japan near Christmas time. Totally pagan, and almost indestinguishable from ours here in the states.

What is the national religion of Japan? Consumerism? Tradition for tradition's sake? Propriety? Overachievement? Don't believe what the Encyclopedia Brittanica told you -- that it's Buddhism or Shinto. Those are only for old men who fear death. I'll check into it and report back in 6 months or so.

Anyhow. I'm trying to post with greater frequency. "A good blog is a frequently updated blog," or so I've been told.

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Skip said...


I'm already looking forward to saying I'm going to visit you and not coming. No really, I will definitley come. I even have a shining new passport. For the inside of next's years Chistmas Card, I think you should have the picture where Elton has his hand on his husband's butt. Nothing says Chrsitmas like some ass grabbing.

Anyway, when are you getting into town.