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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Greetings from Japan, where if the American presence on Japanese cable TV is any indication, Americans are big into golf, bass-fishing tournaments, infomercial shopping and professional wrestling... Hmm, not too far off, for Kentucky at least.

Would you buy and eat this cereal? It does have the word 'cereal' on it, so you know it's not catfood anyway. I did buy it and do love it. In fact, I know which stores have it and which don't, and that makes a difference in where I shop.

It is totemo oishi, especially sprinkled on yoghurt. You almost can't taste the squid.

In the bottom left corner of the box it says 160g. I think that is the fiber per serving.

If there is such a thing as world-class instant ramen, it would be found here in Japan. I have been searching, but that pinacle of instant ramen has yet eluded my chopsticks. The search continues, one styrofoam bowl at a time.


We’ve worked to figure out how to pronounce our family members' names using the sounds available to the speaker of Japanese. As I’ve reviewed before, ‘Kathleen’ requires special care to not come out sounding like ‘Gasoline’. ‘Veronica’ will be pronounced with a ‘B’ instead of a ‘V’, which is not so bad. Then there’s Zane. We’ve decided the best thing to do is call him ‘Zen’, like the little Buddhist that he is. Yep, self denial, rejection of pleasure, seeking the highest level of enlightenment; these are Zane’s hallmarks. Maybe he should start his own religion called Zane Buddhism, in which meditation is replaced by running and throwing and Nirvana is replaced by Chuck E Cheese.

I made my first ever post on youtube.com. It's a video I took of an automated beer pouring machine in the lounge at the Nagoya airport.Beer Pour Video. I'm getting this machine and bringing it camping next year.

(The automatic cappuccino machine served a better product but failed to be as compelling on video.)

Japanese proverb for today
"Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse."

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blogon said...

Wow! If they can do that with a beer, I can only dream of what they can do with a latte. I loved the "tip upright, add head of foam" finish!