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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Greetings from Japan, where the two primary flavors of ice cream are vanilla and green tea. And it's not half bad!

These are pictures from a shrine in our neighborhood. I like the one showing you how to pray.

My relocation company was able to get a block of seats to see the Rolling Stones here. A free ticket! It was an enjoyable concert at the Nagoya Dome, where the Nagoya Dragons baseball team plays. There were a few oddities in the room. Before the opening act, a crew of ushers with megaphones went through the public areas yelling at everyone to go in to the arena to see the opening act. Thoughtful, but still yelling. And then there was no beer. I’m not sure if they ran out, or if it was some kind of policy. Either way it was a little disappointing, but made it easier to obey the yelling ushers and go in to watch the opening act.

The Stones did put on a good show, all wheelchair and cane jokes aside.

This thought occurred to me. Daughter Veronica and Mick Jagger, though they were born in different hemispheres and centuries, share 3 things in common: they both like to sing, they both have a body fat percentage somewhere in the single digits, and they both do a fair amount of skipping. Mick was Mick. Skipping and prancing like a 5-year old girl.

The most important Japanese to learn is the symbols for “Cancel” on the computer. With all the errors I’ve made, I’ve used ‘Cancel’ more than any other button. I think I’ve nearly worn it smooth.
Japanese proverb for today:

"If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty."

I guess my man John Keats was one tea-drinking man, with all his "Truth is beauty and beauty truth" talk.


Skip said...


To invert Bob Dylan, he may prance like a little girl, but plays like Cinderella. When I saw them at the Superbowl, I had a clean view of the digital clock on stage that began the countdown (12min 30secs)with Start Me Up. And as the last strains of Can't Get No Satisfaction faded away, the clock hit zero. I guess if you do something for forty years it gets like that, but they were absolute pros.


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