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Friday, January 11, 2008

Gas Bonanza!

Do I have your attention? Where did I ever take this picture? Can I bring some garbage bags to fill up there, to store for later?

Sorry Kids.

Yes, this was in Canada... and there's not any even "Exchange Bounce" from paying in Canadian Dollar (pronounced 'Doaller') is now nearly at par with the US Dollar.

And how did I know I had returned to fair Kentucky?

Gas prices and Marlboro prices are the two leading economic indicators here. Along with the fair market value of a fifth of bourbon.

Note, even if it's called Wawa, don't necessarily drink it.

But no matter what inflation is, a $2 wager at the track is always $2! Bargain!


Mrak Tohmas said...

I love the top of the first photo, where the Gas appears to be "SO regular" Not a little regular, but VERY regular. I think that the phrase "SO regular" works when referring to bowel movements, but with petroleum products, not so much.

ET said...

That is good. (I think it's the last two letters of ESSO -- Exxon to Celine Dion -- cut off.) But I like extreme adverbs with mitigated adjectives. So regular. Terribly OK. Vividly beige. Wonderfully acceptable.
It's counterpoint to my least favorite adverb creation, "...very sort-of...." As in "Blade Runner is this very sort of futuristic exploration of what it means to be human." Is it very, or is it sort of?
Dang, this could have been its own entry.