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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vote Homeland Security, addendum

Read Friday's post first. I had another thought about how the muslim world might view a President Obama.

I had this thought today. Imagine if after Fidel Castro stepped down, an entirely different type of leader was put in office.

No matter what you think of Cuba, "Communist Dictator Fidel Castro" has just become the accepted description.

Now instead of Raul Castro taking his place, it's a ticket of Andy Garcia with Gloria Estefan. Both Cubans. Both just as Cuban as the Castros but somehow, we don't see them as a threat any more.
Seems like they're reasonable, no?

I'm just saying, a young Islamic terrorist-in-the-making might have the wind taken out of his America-hating sails if he sees someone a little more like himself in the white house. It might make him want to look past the propaganda coming from some Islamic leaders, and search for the truth.

(Recently I fear the truth of what our country is up to is not a lot better than the anti-American propaganda.)

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