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Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to be Green..

Buy more stuff!

In America, consumption is the fix for whatever ails us.

Just look at Home Depot's website. "Make every day Earth Day by shopping at Home Depot."

You'll hear that we should all put in compact fluorescent bulbs. But doesn't that seem wasteful? We're going to throw away perfectly good incandescent bulbs? Is that right? Nobody is telling us to just turn the doggone lights off. Just slow consumption.

We've heard since we were kids that the US has 6% of the world's population and uses 40% of the world's resources, or so. So why aren't we looking at that as a possible solution.

Need to conserve gas? Buy a hybrid! Don't examine driving less, eliminating unnecessary trips, only eating at restaurants that are within walking distance, using public transportation, etc...
Nope. The American Way is to consume your way out of problems. Eat yourself thin. Don't give up eating cookies. Rather, buy cookies in 100 calorie packs (paying for more for packaging, etc.).

Economic downturn? Don't save money, or be careful about what you spend it on. Instead, go out and spend. In fact, here's a check from the government for "Economic Stimulus". So, our government has decided that digging deeper into the national debt is ok. Borrow money to give to people to spend, so that our consumption can boost the economy? Sounds like what people are doing already with credit cards.

Anyway, I'm off topic. Pay attention to how you're supposed to buy yourself green. It's fun to watch.
Eric Thomas is Regional Champion in the 100-Calorie Pack Cookie Eating Contest.

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