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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daniel in Shibuya. Total Rockstar.

Shibuya Crossing


Things my brother pointed out about Japan, part IV. You'd think that I would come up with the interesting insights, but dude is here 2 weeks and he gets some zingers. Maybe things I've noticed without really noticing.

Let's review D's observations:
1 Not a lot of public seating
2 Difficult to eat vegeterian
3 They don't say no.

And now:
4 Cute sells.

I was trying to explain the difference between American advertizing and Japanese, and it took me about a 5 minutes.

Me:"You know in America there is always some half dressed model who is trying to look angry and important, and that's supposed to be sexy, but really it makes me want to leave. Well, in Japan it's different. There are girls in ads, but never sexy-like. And there are tons of cartoon characters everywhere... blah blah blah."

Daniel:"Cute Sells."

Me: "Oh. Right. That's it."


A few photos to illustrate.

There are three main currier companies. "Black Cat" seems to be everywhere.


The other currier company has the helpful ant as their symbol.


The symbol for the police here is the owl. Cute. Push his beak to cross the street!

Pharmacy Logo.

And which American company (at least I think it's American), offering supplemental insurance do you think had the advertizing cuteness built-in?

There are a lot more. But every time I upload a photo, I get the "Explorer Must Quit" With the Send Report or Don't Send. I was hitting the "Send Report" button, but Bill Gates hasn't called yet to see what's wrong. So I'm going to give up for tonight.


Mata Ashta.


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