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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We went to Nikko. It's a mountainous area north of Tokyo with amazing temples all gathered into one little area. More UNESCO World Heritage Sites for us.

Zane took some pictures. This one is of his breakfast. He likes rice for breakfast.

The mountains from our hotel room.

His sister. (Young people in pictures are required to give the peace sign. It's a law.)

More will be forthcoming. Maybe even a picture of Nikko proper.


Here's an odd thing. On last month's weekend in Kyoto, we went up to a temple with a big statue of Kannon. A buddhist thing. It was a lovely statue.

Off to the side was a "Pacific War Memorial", with lots of English in it and around it. There was a little altar looking thing, with some nice stained glass and marble, but it did seem almost abandoned. Just to the side was a desk off in a little room, and a card file.

A closer look shows it's the record of everybody killed in the Pacific War (WWII to you and me). There are also the cremated remains of unknown soldiers from dozens of different countries in urns. Very strange and interesting find. And I think it was established in 1956, or 1958. Really soon after the end of the war. How long did it take to get a WWII memorial in Washington DC? Exactly. And we even won that war.

Mata Ashta

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