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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Right. Daily posts, my oshiri. (Look it up.) Took two days off. American slacker! Embarrassingly low productivity!


There are Japanese health drinks available. Every convenience store and pharmacy have a small case loaded with little bottles, like the one shown here.

The bottles, as near as I can understand, claim their contents can cure or alleviate all the common Japanese maladies. Sleepiness, nagging colds, lack of energy, and did I mention sleepiness? I think there are some which claim to improve mental accuity, but I can't remember.

I have heard that many of these substances were recently only available by prescription. So they might actually work. I think they add extra yucky taste goop to them to make you swear to their potency.

When Daniel was in town he bought one to help him get over his persistent cold. Attached is video of the imbibing.

His last line is cut off "Wait until 2008 for results." I'll give an update when that data point has passed.


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