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Saturday, March 24, 2007

If I'm allowed to generalize (and I have decided that I am), Japanese people are attractive. Though it's not perfectly easy to tell at first.

The reason it's not easy is that nobody is overweight here, and everybody dresses well. For example, in public, grown men do not wear shorts. Shorts are for boys. Maybe at a park or something you will see a man in shorts, but it's very rare. Even jeans are rare.

There are 3 luxury foreign hotels in Nagoya: the Hilton, Wesitn and the Marriott. Go through the lobby on a weekend and it's astounding. The Japanese people coming in there for lunch or a wedding or whatever are dressed impeccably. Then there are foreign business people with the weekend off, heading out to do some sightseeing around town.

It's embarrassing. (Paraphrased from David Sedaris.) The Americans look as if they've come to mow the lawn in this foreign country.

Americans have the image of having an undeservedly high standard of living, and of living wastefully.

To see the large American body in large shabby clothes in a luxury hotel, the Japanese person must conclude that we are spending our money on lasagna and fettuccine, rather than Dolce and Gabana.

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