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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yes, geisha exist.

It took us 3 trips to Kyoto this year to spot one. And we hit the jackpot. For some reason in the little cobblestone area where our ryokan was, they were walking all over the place, during the daytime. Kathleen was quick to point out that they were maiko, not geisha. How you can tell and what it means is for someone else's blog. Here are some photos.

I was unable to stop them and ask for my picture with them. I couln't bring myself to ask for a second of their attention, or even to photograph them from the front. Standing there with a camera pointed at them seemed so lame. Being that close to that much charm and beauty makes you want to get close to it and run away at the same time. So I just stood there like a dope. I bet it happens to them a lot.
But there were some foreigners jumping out of their cabs to ask for photos with the maiko. So maybe it's just me.

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